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Hand-drawn Package by 70-Year-Old Thai Cartoonist

2019년 4월 13일 업데이트됨

Thank you all customers for your lovely and continuing support Siam Candles. We are an indie fragrance house and a perfumery specialist from Thailand. We are now celebrating our 1st year anniversary this month and proudly to introduce you with our new design boxes hand drawn by 70-year-old Thai cartoonist.

Nopnont is a retired Thai cartoonist and a father of Siam Candles' founder, Suphathida. He is one of the legendary Thai cartoonists who brought Japanese manga to Thailand and has been drawing for more than 50 years. He retired around 6 years ago and had never drawn again since then because of his bad eye-sight and lacking of motivation. Suphathida just started her candle's brand, Siam Candles, so she got an idea of collaborative drawing on her packaging. She encouraged her dad to draw again.

Nopnont resumed his drawing by quick drafting (Tuk-tuk, Durian, Elephant, and Thai Food) on recycle paper with a common black-ink pen while he was drinking coffee at the coffee shop. In his 70's, every strokes are still pretty and impressive. These pictures were all hand drawn on paper not computer graphic, thus it gave such classy and antique touch.

Suphathida then designed the box and came up with the final product under the concept of Thai minimalist and sustainability. Our package is not only hand-drawn but heart-made from our sincerity and intention. We are not factory-made products so we believe that we can convey our feelings to all customers. Family to family ~ Heart to Heart ~

Support the artists by purchasing real and authentic products only from 3 places as follows;


Official LINE @siamcandles

ICONSIAM 5th Floor,IconCraft Zone, Bangkok, Thailand

We don't have any retailers or branches in other provinces in Thailand or other countries. Siam Candles is originally based in Bangkok, Thailand. Please be careful of replica products which can be harmful of chemical fragrance and paraffin. Please kindly contact us at siamcandles.info@gmail.com if you found any suspicious products that similar to our brand.

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