Created by Siam Candles, orange, lemon, and almond combine with raw sugar to make this lip scrub, perfect for exfoliating your smile! This lip scrub tastes amazing and is easy and fun to use. Apply to your lips and massage with your finger tip or rub lips together. 


It's what your lips desire when eating food and this describes our Citrus Lip Scrub too!

Citrus Thai Lip Scrub with Vegan Organic Sugar

SKU: 00020
฿120 일반가
  • M A T E R I A L S  N O T E S:


    Materials: Raw sugar, vegetable wax, mango butter, natural flavors


    Made with cane sugar that is gentle on your skin and lips. The Sweet Orange Pure Essential Oil has an awakening effect with the pure citrus aroma.

    S I Z E

    This 1 ounce scrub should last you for over a month, maybe longer, depending on how much and how often you use it.

    C A R E

    Apply to lips with fingertip. Massage scrub over lips or rub lips together, wipe off excess sugar. 

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