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Created by Siam Candles, from plant-based ingredients, this 100% natural lip balm has a crisp feeling upon application that melts into a perfect silky glide on your lips. Neither waxy nor greasy, the finish has a soft gloss.


Our lip balms are all made to order from scratch and in small batches to ensure the freshest outcome.

Lip Balms Gift Set

SKU: 00009
฿360 일반가
  • Materials: Thai Tea Extract, Rose Hip Seed Oil, Organic Shea Butter, Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Organic Soy Wax, Organic Cocoa Butter

    An intensive formula concentrated with precious active ingredients to deeply soothe and replenish delicate skin to reveal soft, beautiful, lips.This aromatic formula instantly hydrates the lips with a complex, proprietary blend of bioactive, natural and organic ingredients, including Argan oil, Rose Hip Seed oil, Starflower/ borage, and Shea butter, infused with natural Bergamot essential oil.

    S I Z E

    Each tube is hand poured into a 0.15oz tube.

    C A R E

    This balm has been specifically crafted to melt at body temperature. Please protect from high temperatures. In the event your balm melts, simply stand upright in the refrigerator for 15 minutes. This lip balm is best enjoyed from your purse, a desk drawer, a table top tray, or anywhere that is not in close proximity to a heat source.

    • Cocohoney
    • Thai Milk Tea
    • Jasmine Kiss 

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